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How to Lose the Stubborn Belly Fats

Been googling for how to get lean or ways to lose the stubborn fats around the belly? I’m in the same situation as you for many many years. Even how hard I trained in gym I just can’t get rid of the fats on the belly, the most I achieved was 4 packs instead of 6 packs on my abs. I have tried those slimming pills on shelf but none work effectively on me. Liposuction? I don’t think I am that fat to try that

I came across on this fat freezing treatment (cryolipolysis) by Sliq Clinic, a non-invasive treatments that effectively remove the fatty layers from your arms, thighs, tummy and even the flank. So what is fat-freezing treatment about? Do you know that fat cells actually self-destruct when it gets cold enough. Wow, I never knew that “cooling” could help to remove the fats. I should build a cold room at home now

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Sliq Clinic is run by Dr Steve at Oasis Square, Ara Damansara.

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Upon the arrival, the nurse would assist you for the registration and brief of your medical history.

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There’s various treatment rooms in the clinic to cater for our different needs such as laser treatment, hair removal treatment, fats freezing treatment, etc.

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The lounge for waiting area, body mass analysis machine, skin analyser, etc.

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Going through consultation with Dr Steve before the treatment started. He explained on the treatment process and the expectation during the treatment. Two hand piece will be placed on the treatment area, it will suck up the fats and freeze it under -9 degree Celsius. The cooling energy will work on the subcutaneous fats without damaging the surrounding tissues. Lastly the fat cells will gradually reduced through our natural metabolism process. Means the fats are disappearing day by day even if I don’t exercise and take care of my diet.

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Clatuu, the medical aesthetic device from South Korea that gonna provides us with non-surgical fat reduction treatment using 360′ Surround cooling technology. It shares the same technology as the US cool sculpting treatment but half the cost. Yays!

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The dual hand piece that gonna work the magic on the treatment area.

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All it takes is 60 minutes for the magic to work on the treatment area.

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Here’s a photo of my big tummy prior to the treatment. I don’t have to suck it in anymore after the treatment

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When the treatment begins, you will feel the pain as the hand piece will suck up the treatment area a.k.a fats. I have very low pain receptors and I would say the pain is bearable. The pain will go off after the fats are frozen up which takes around 15 minutes. I was told that you will feel less pain if you have significant amount of fats.

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Meanwhile waiting for the golden 60 minutes, you can surf the net, play with your phone/ipad, read books, etc. I’m given a bell to ring in case for any emergency or toilet breaks. But pandai pandai go relief yourself prior to the treatment lar yeah.

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Tadaaaa! You can see the freezed fats after the treatment ends. Look at the amount of fats on my tummy!

 photo 13_zpsnhr5k6nb.jpg

The nurse will help to massage the fats in back to the flat tummy.

 photo 14_zps2q58diaz.jpg

Okay, dont mistaken this as the bruises, bruises are blue black in colour. It’s just the suction marks that will go off in couple of days. You can feel the cold-ness of the treatment area for couple of hours before it get back to room temperature. The treatment areas are numb and cold like a pack of freeze waterbag.

 photo 22_zps85hkh8qy.jpg

Clatuu promises a visible changes post 30 days and 90 days of the treatment. Well, let see what’s my progress below without going to gym!

 photo 15_zpshe9qd6aj.jpg

3 days after the treatment, the suction marks are faded off and I can see mild improvement. Skip all the gym and don’t do any jumping else you will feel the pain at the treatment area.

 photo 20_zpsn1ddubk3.jpg

Front view of 14 days and 21 days post treatment, the improvement is pretty visible and my tummy is slimmer than previous.

 photo 21_zpsomhcuggr.jpg

Side view of 14 days and 21 days post treatment, I’m so happy with the results. The results appeared even earlier than the promised period.

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Here’s a photo of me at Kending 墾丁, Taiwan post 30 days of the treatments. Abs are visible and I’m excited to turn myself even leaner with the help of the fat freezing treatment.

On a side note, you might ask why we go for Aesthetic Clinic instead of slimming/beauty centre? Aesthetic Medical Clinic operates under the Ministry of Health and they are the medical doctors attending to your needs where else slimming/beauty centre are commonly operated by beautician and not licensed under Ministry of Health. Doctors can only work under Hospital, Medical Centre and Clinics only.

You may pm me on Facebook/Instagram for more information regarding the treatment. I’m more than happy to share my experience with you.

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