Restaurant Ampang Homeland Yong Tau Foo in USJ Taipan

Recently I’m kind of lazy to blog around… Laziness had get over me ==””

Since long I didn’t post about any food post….
Today I shall bring to you all Restaurant Ampang Homeland Yong Tau Foo in USJ Taipan….

They have set and ala carte there…..

This is the chili sauce and sweet sauce they made with some special recipe

Combination of wet and dry Yong Tau Foo

Freshly served Pandan Chicken Wings *can see the heat of it*

Famous Deep Fried Shui Gao

There’s just 3 of us….Therefore we didn’t order that much of food…..

Anyway, while you guys scolding me for making you all drooling…

Enjoy our sakae-ness below…..

Chicken Eating Way

~ Xi@nG ~

~ Joon ~

~ Adeline ~

This shall conclude my post today :)

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