Does Nando’s Mid Valley Deserve a Second Chance? You Tell Me!

Hi everyone, today I would like to share my unhappy experience in Nando’s Mid Valley outlet last Friday. I decided to blog about it since a lot people kept asking about the incident since I posted partly in my Facebook.

The story goes like this and you tell me what’s your opinion?

I went with Samantha to Nando’s Mid Valley outlet on 13th Aug 2010 to make a reservation for 15 pax at 8pm. The waiter that took my reservation shows me the tables we gonna dine in as well.

At 7.30pm, I went back to the restaurant but the tables where I reserved was occupied by other customers. I asked the waiter that took my order what happen to my reservation, he answer me with 2 words TOO BAD! Well, I raised my voice and state that I made my reservation earlier on and I’m still early half an hour ahead to get my tables. He replied me with the tables was taken and please speak to his manager(which was the assistant manager on duty that day). I agree with him and ask him to get the manager over and give me an explanation.

However, we waited 30 minutes at the entrance of Nando’s and yet the manager doesn’t bother to come out and give me an explanation on it. I can see that the waiter kept asking the manager to see us but seems the manager doesn’t want to come out at all. What I see from my angle was the manager was busy preparing drinks, serving food to customer and walk into kitchen.

I straight walk in to the counter and enquire the manager. *peep into the kitchen and saw she’s just placing her both hand on the table and resting*

Xiang :Do I have to wait freaking 30 minutes for an explanation and yet you doesn’t bother to give me one?

Assist. Manager : I’m sorry sir, our water dispenser broke down and there’s complaints from other customer to deal with. Therefore I’m very busy around to deal with it.

Xiang : No! What I saw was you were busy pouring drinks, serving food to customer. You’re a manager, don’t tell me that you doesn’t know how to differentiate which matter is more important to deal instantly?! You get me wait for 40 minutes and yet I have to walk in to ask you now!

Assist. Manager : Sorry sir, I’m really sorry.

Xiang : What happen to my reservation? The waiter told me that he told you about my reservation yet you gave away to other customer. Do I look like I can’t afford the bills?

Assist. Manager : Sorry Sir!

Xiang : So how’s with my reservation now? I’m organizing my friend birthday dinner and yet you get everyone waiting outside the restaurant!

Assist. Manager : Sorry Sir, give me 10-15 minutes and I will give you a table for you guys. I’m really sorry!

As you see, the whole conversation the assist. manager was just giving me bullshit excuses and sorry. I understand that during buka puasa session is peak hours for them, but I don’t think this is a good reason to cover up the whole case. Nando’s has been operating over so many years and this is not the first Buka Puasa hours they experience.

After we got our table done, we have to ask around 2-3 waiters to wipe our tables, 2-3 times to get us menu although we settle down for more than 15 minutes. Not to mention we were not given cutleries though all 11 sets of meal were served at time. I have to freaking Ask & Ask different waiter to get me the fork and knife.

I made a complaint through emailing Nando’s Malaysia regarding the bad service of Mid Valley outlet and the the manager of the outlet called me up on Monday. He said that waiter was a new staff doesn’t realize of the new reservation rules implemented for Bulan Ramadan which I have to order and pay for the meal during reservation. I don’t give a damn on what the changes on but since the outlet had taken my reservation, you shouldn’t cancelled my reservation without prior notice.

He said that he understand my situation and even he will fed up if he’s in my shoes. He hope that I accept their apologize by receiving the complementary meal they gonna give me. He requested me to withdraw the complaints from Nando’s Malaysia as the whole team will lose the particular month service charge portion.

I’m still considering whether to accept the offer but the manager called me up twice to invite me over their outlet soon for the meal hoping I can withdraw the complaint soon as well.

If you were me, do you think they deserve a second chance?

39 thoughts on “Does Nando’s Mid Valley Deserve a Second Chance? You Tell Me!

  1. Simon Seow

    Well, I think you should give them a 2nd chance to make things right. Usually, I will use a 3 strikes rule. If for the 3rd time things still not changed or improve, then I’ll stay away from the eateries forever.

    1. xiangcool Post author

      Hi Simon,

      Actually this wasn’t the first time I encounter the bad service, my previous visit I get angry of waiting waiting waiting as well. I almost complaint that time but I able to cool down myself in the end but not this round.

    1. xiangcool Post author

      Hi Coco,

      Perhaps I think they haven’t learn any cause the service still not improve as my previous visit was bad as well. I just feel bad of others employee losing the service charge and raya coming soon.

  2. Prakash Daniel

    Hey there, I would strongly suggest you just continue with the complaint and make sure show them that customer service is important. Last week, one of my friends friend was in Nando’s Sunway and he was there around 3pm or 4pm and they denied him from eating as they said its only for those who are fasting.

    I guess the mentality of the service industry has to change thus this things dont happen, even when I was in Indonesia which is the largest Muslim nation in the world dont experience this, even there they still have Muslims and non- Muslims eating during or before break fast time.

    So, I would strongly suggest that it has to be done because if happens to me I would actually make a formal complaint as we are tax paying customers. Thank you and have a nice day,


    Prakash Daniel

    1. xiangcool Post author

      Hi Prakash Daniel

      Thanks for your opinion and I agree with you that malaysian service industry being lagging compared to other countries. I choose to file a complaint to Nando’s Malaysia as the headquarter will be able to take actions on them. I will consider about it and have a nice day too =]

  3. Joyce

    Raya is round the corner, so I think most of the staff can do with the extra money from service charge portion. Not right to penalise the entire team for 1 person mistake/ignorance. So I think I’ll vote “Give them a second chance”.

    1. xiangcool Post author

      Hi Joyce,

      I agree with you that Raya is around the corner and they definitely want more bonuses for it, this is the reason I asking for opinion here instead of standing right on insisting complaining it. If I were to withdraw my complaints, that means the assistant manager wont get any penalty from Nando’s. It come to a picture of me whether to take action or not.Probably a good lesson is given shall improve their service quality in future

  4. Kelvin

    Ha welcome to msia 1st class equipment while mentality wise is 3rd class. Even F&B also need to differentiate the skin color. >< my god wht century they are in?? Xiang just keep the complaint on, for me i sure wont withdraw it. Let this 1 serious complaint put in their mind that dont play a fool with customer request. Some more let u wait there for 40min, this is over the line d. If they so nervous about their service charge potion, wht for doing such thing in the 1st place.

    1. xiangcool Post author

      Haha… I agree with this bro! First world infrastructure(which is so not true), 3rd world mentality! Yea, i was waiting there and she doesnt bother to come out at all. If wasn’t I walk in, I guess she gonna make we wait till 9pm the crowd leaves?

  5. Shane

    eh.. i dont tink they deserve a chance leh. =.= call me mean or irrational. But I just feel that customer service is very important. Why would u wanna go back to the outlet and let them mistreat u again? Hrm.. u never know.. they might add stuff into ur food. LOL. kidding.

    anyways, i wouldnt give them a second chance lah, if i were u. The first waiter was very rude himself edi. By saying TOO BAD. Nandos need not teach him manners right? So, i guess its just very very rude of him. Even the Asst manager who seemed as if he/she was avoiding u on purpose.

    Honestly, why go back to a place where u’ve experienced discomfort and UNwelcome-ness? :S Hrm…

    1. xiangcool Post author

      Hi Lynn Shane,

      Pretty long time since we ever meet xD I agree with you that customer service is very important, me myself work in F&B industry before and I knew what’s more important to deal with. I guess they will treat me very nicely when i return there, about adding stuff I’m very uncertain to say anything xD

      I guess they don’t perform quality control and proper staff training, she just to coward to come and deal with me on what had happen. WIll consider your opinion, thanks =]

  6. Kelvin Tan

    Nando’s is not the only one. There are many more outlets in Mid Valley with bad services. That’s the reason I seldom eat at Mid Valley unless I have a movie screening to attend to.

    Giving complementary meal voucher – standard procedure.
    Asking to withdraw the complaint – standard procedure.
    “That staff is new” – standard reply.

    I’m gonna enjoy this when my friend takes me on a mystery shopper mission at Nando’s soon. 😀

    1. craig

      totally agree. happen to me also but did not bother to make a complaint as I thought it was a genuine mistake. But I see that it is repeatedly done. This must stop and therefore you should not withdraw the complaint. free meal?? Most probably they will give you the meal but will override by manager and not key into the cash register/or cancel the bill after you leave.

      1. xiangcool Post author

        Hi Craig

        Well, I’m a person that complaint whenever I think the service are bad, food are not good and so on simply because I make sure every cent I spent is worth money. Come on, money are not easily earned and spent for such a lousy services restaurant. True, most place the manager end up buy customer the food, but not reported back. That’s the reason I direct complaint to Nando’s Malaysia and get them in deep shit now xD

    2. xiangcool Post author

      Hi Kelvin,

      Too bad that I’m currently part-timing there and it was the closest place for me to meet my dad as well, so i probably 2-3 days a week there during non-working day, 5-6 days during working days. So you meant that what they asking for is just a standard procesure to cover off the case and nothing would be done inside them and everything will be just operating as usual?

      1. Kelvin Tan

        The damage was already done.
        There’s nothing more they can do so they can only reply according to the standard procedure.
        The most they’ll do is the HQ conducting a spot check on the establishment but everything still lies on the manager of the outlet. If he’s good, he’ll find ways on how to improve it. If he’s not, it’ll be the same as like the many other food joints in Mid Valley.

    3. Vox

      I so agree with you with all the standard reply thing.
      I, on the other hand, stand on my customer’s right and fights for it like hell so i blardy agree on what you said, seriously.

      Being mystery shopper is so much fun I tell you, I were once a McD and Pizza Hut shopper and my gawd, fucking awful service and in a month time, seriously, all staffs changed and meticulously acceptable service la~ Lol

  7. jfook

    Since he has apologised for a couple of times, just give him another chance (even I experienced their bad service the other day with you and your friends too). I think you know what are the consequences if you make the complaint, they would have to face some really serious punishment from the HQ I guess. I think he realizes his mistakes too. Just chill. perhaps, don’t go to Nando’s MidValley next time so that you would be happier and if that kinda incident happen to other people again, let other people take action on them! (If they still don’t improve their service)

    1. xiangcool Post author

      Hi Jfook,

      I guess if it’s the assistant manager that called me up for apologize and so on, she deserve another chance. This is just the manager trying to get the matter adjusted back? Since you were with me the previous visit, you know how the quality and bad service they are. if no punishment is made, I guess they will just stay with it and just forget about what had happen.You think I’m going back there? Haha

  8. kath

    we are human and we are made of flesh and blood and everyone makes mistakes in life. in my opinion, i would suggest to give them a second chance.

  9. Rames

    Nope! What, you think I want your FREE food? No thanks. I will stick to the complain and not a second chance. It’s common sense NOT to give the table to others after you agree to book the 15 pax. My 2 cents. It’s a lesson. *I have more bad experience with Nando’s than you lol. Can even open 1 blog to talk about it ahahah*

    1. xiangcool Post author

      Yea bro, Nando’s is very disappointing. I guess they doesn’t receive enough formal complaints to enough to kick their ass serve the customer better.


    Is good tat u exercised ur consumer’s rights !
    n yet the manager did called u ..shows they truly wanna apologies for wat happen…
    i’ll say give them a second chance! n bring alot alot alot alot ppl go for the complementary meal! ..please bring me also i LOVE NANDOS

    1. xiangcool Post author

      Hi QWen,

      I guess i’m very famous among my friend on exercising consumer’s right =P If they offer 11 of us the complementary meal, i will give them the second chance! xD But it seems the manager just invite me along over, dont even mention any of others that was waiting outside that day too. Nando’s food was nice, service quality horrible!

  11. Adrian

    I exercise my rights too like you do but some friends think that I am over doing it.. Well, I bet your complaint was not at any intention to get complimented or what so ever. I would just leave it. Tell them to learn their lesson. Earn their service charge portion next month then.. I will be damn pissed too.. Even manager didn’t want to attend to you that day and gave some lame shit of excuses to you.

  12. Baboon Tan

    Assistant manager and the guy who handle you doesn’t represent all the staffs there are bad, so yeah give them the second chance, since they really apologize to you.

    and I just celebrated my friend’s birthday at Papa John, they did inform me that, I have to pay for the meal I order first, then only can make reservation.
    However, it’s not really peak on that day, so I just went there at 5.30 and around 7 only start our dinner.

    Cheers bro!

  13. Vox

    Fuck no! Do not redraw the complain. tell them in the face, customer is always right and if there WERE such changes, shudn all the staffs be told of it and when there are customers like you who don’t know of the changes, then they should have told you so that you’re aware of it.
    If you were to redraw, then this matter will be taken lightly and things like this WILL happen again. And apologizing isnt really helping at all and those people should not get their what what money and its not that they are gonna give you a whole month of free meal what.

    Whats done is done. Tell him that.
    That’s my advice la, to not redraw the complain.

    Update me on this okay xiang? *hugs*

    p/s he embarassed you as well, so yea.. you think yourself la okay

  14. Vox

    and and and! if you were to take their free food, wah!! you tell em, “Now i cannot afford your food is it?” and if u were to redraw and to take the complimentary then it indirectly meant that you’re admitting that you’re at fault and they have done nothing wrong, which obviously, they are not right in the first place for being not attentive, not alert, and fairly rude.

    But the Xiang I know, DEFINITELY no second chance one! Lol!! *hugs*

  15. vivian

    Continue with the complain. The waiter don’t know the rules, that their problems. This only proved that their training is not good enough. Even though after that they give you a table for dinner, their services still sucks. When costumers complain, they should be more alert and try to make things right. They should know costumers are always right and this time, it was definitely their fault.
    I used to have bad services as well. But not at Nando’s, mine experience was in Gasoline, Sungei Wang. I made an order and I waited for damn long until my friends finished their dinner already yet my food still haven’t served. In between I kept asking different waiter about my order. Until I was fed up and went to the counter and asked. You know what? One of the waiter told me that the food that I ordered was finished. I was like WTF??!! None of them didn’t even bordered to tell me and let me kept waiting and waiting until I almost kena gastric.
    So my conclusion is: continue with the complain. Screw them. Who cares about whether they get their service charge portion or not.

  16. Elaine Chiew

    Dear Yong Xiang,

    Bom Dia and greetings from Nando’s Malaysia!

    Please accept our apology on the matter, which happened at Nando’s Mid Valley on 13th August 2010. As we mentioned, the matter has been forwarded to the management for their attention. We are trying our best to ensure that such incident will not take place at Nando’s again.

    Secondly, we would like to apologize for the wrong message our manager sent to you. You are not required to withdraw the complaint in order to enjoy the complementary meal. There is no way complaints that has been received will be withdrawn by the management even if the complainant requests for it. This is especially for cases in which we have identified that our team did make a mistake. The complimentary meal is also offered as an appreciation for you to step out and give us your feedback. It allows us to know what is happening is our restaurant and as an opportunity to improve.

    Therefore, our offer for a complimentary meal for you and a friend stands no matter what. Give us a call at 03-2032 4988 and we will gladly make the arrangement for you. Otherwise, you can write to us again via email to .

    We apologize once again and we hope you will consider coming back to our restaurant. We look forward to hear from you.

    Have an egg-cellent day!


    Peri Regards,
    Elaine Chiew
    Marketing Department
    Nando’s Malaysia

  17. Zahira Yasmin

    Hey, don’t withdraw the complaint. They deserve it. So they think that by giving you a complementary meal everything is going to be okay. They treated you badly my friend. Even after making you wait for about an hour aren’t they supposed to make it up to you by being a little nice but you still had to wait more for your cutlery. The waiter and the manager at fault mostly. He said too bad? How rude! A job of a manager is to manage things not go sit in the kitchen and rest in a crisis.
    I personally think those assholes deserve it and if the other innocent waiters don’t get their bonus because of this incident the manger should pay them with hi own money!
    And if you do withdraw the complaint (DON’T), don’t just get a complementary meal, get a month, year or even a life time complementary meal whenever you want 🙂

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