DiNneR !

Yesterday night I was noticed that my former classmate, Huan Jia is gonna participating in the Halo Forest Singing Competition tonight. Therefore i decided to go and support although had promise my mom to have dinner at home as my cousins will come my house for the dinner too.

Due to the uncertain of the beginning time of the competition,thus i decided to reach Halo Cafe around 8 o’clock. I was ursh-ing my mom to get the dinner ready around 7.15 as i still wanna have my dinner @ home only go out for the activity.Thus my mommy specially cook a small portion of my beloved dishes for me first.It was super delicious man! I guess you guys gonna drop saliva again!! kakkax….

Hot Spicy Curry FisH Oo~~
The Drunken prawns was my super beloved dishes between all as i am prawns lover!! My mommy uses Otard Champagne to steam together the Tiger Prawns. The Otard Fine Champagne was of 40% alcoholic percentage oo….YuM yUm!


Tiger prawns oo…. Big a nt? Its was succulent nice! Luckly i dint get drunk! Haha…
Shall post about the Halo Singing Competition stuff tommorow…Good Night everyone!

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