Cutest Girl in My World Now!

This post I gonna write on the cutest girl currently in my mind xD

I think you guys will get me wrong by just reading the post title, I’m actually writing about my cute little niece Jae Mie =]
During the First day of Chinese New Year, my sister and brother-in-law brought Jae Mie together to Sungai Petani to visit my Grandma. You will know how eager my Grandma wanna meet Jae Mie as she’s the first great grand children she has.
During the house visit to some uncle house, Jae Mie was our great entertainment of the day. She can be as active as a monkey run all over up and down (Guess all kids are like that), no worry for this part as my dad volunteer to babysit this little cute girl (First grand children as well) .
Decided to make a photoshoot for her that day since environment is so nice, she’s wearing so pretty and smile non-stop! Mainly because i don’t have other things to do lar! haha..

Some dance move?

Ah Chak!

She like to point!

eeeee =]

Hehe…Come catch me =P

horrrr!!! (Point at me)

Another dance move!

Pose for pictures

I can split my leg!

Happy Girl!

Smiling happily

Daddy with Jae Mie

My brother with Jae Mie

Xi@nG with Jae Mie

The last but not least, the collage photos you guys might see before that I made for my dad. He heart it so much! Haha…

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