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How to Lose the Stubborn Belly Fats

Been googling for how to get lean or ways to lose the stubborn fats around the belly? I’m in the same situation as you for many many years. Even how hard I trained in gym I just can’t get rid of the fats on the belly, the most I achieved was 4 packs instead of 6 packs on my abs. I have tried those slimming pills on shelf but none work effectively on me. Liposuction? I don’t think I am that fat to try that

I came across on this fat freezing treatment (cryolipolysis) by Sliq Clinic, a non-invasive treatments that effectively remove the fatty layers from your arms, thighs, tummy and even the flank. So what is fat-freezing treatment about? Do you know that fat cells actually self-destruct when it gets cold enough. Wow, I never knew that “cooling” could help to remove the fats. I should build a cold room at home now

 photo 2_zpsfuir0sff.jpg
Sliq Clinic is run by Dr Steve at Oasis Square, Ara Damansara.

 photo 3_zps91kuznzl.jpg

Upon the arrival, the nurse would assist you for the registration and brief of your medical history.

 photo 4_zps2v6ywixg.jpg

There’s various treatment rooms in the clinic to cater for our different needs such as laser treatment, hair removal treatment, fats freezing treatment, etc.

 photo 5_zpskt90zatu.jpg

The lounge for waiting area, body mass analysis machine, skin analyser, etc.

 photo 6_zpseiitzntw.jpg

Going through consultation with Dr Steve before the treatment started. He explained on the treatment process and the expectation during the treatment. Two hand piece will be placed on the treatment area, it will suck up the fats and freeze it under -9 degree Celsius. The cooling energy will work on the subcutaneous fats without damaging the surrounding tissues. Lastly the fat cells will gradually reduced through our natural metabolism process. Means the fats are disappearing day by day even if I don’t exercise and take care of my diet.

 photo 7_zps3wi3klur.jpg

Clatuu, the medical aesthetic device from South Korea that gonna provides us with non-surgical fat reduction treatment using 360′ Surround cooling technology. It shares the same technology as the US cool sculpting treatment but half the cost. Yays!

 photo 8_zpsppor9pgq.jpg

The dual hand piece that gonna work the magic on the treatment area.

 photo 9_zpslnl7n0zn.jpg

All it takes is 60 minutes for the magic to work on the treatment area.

 photo 1_zpsyshvzesl.jpg

Here’s a photo of my big tummy prior to the treatment. I don’t have to suck it in anymore after the treatment

 photo 10_zpsis0kkvbq.jpg

When the treatment begins, you will feel the pain as the hand piece will suck up the treatment area a.k.a fats. I have very low pain receptors and I would say the pain is bearable. The pain will go off after the fats are frozen up which takes around 15 minutes. I was told that you will feel less pain if you have significant amount of fats.

 photo 11_zpsssrhsa8g.jpg

Meanwhile waiting for the golden 60 minutes, you can surf the net, play with your phone/ipad, read books, etc. I’m given a bell to ring in case for any emergency or toilet breaks. But pandai pandai go relief yourself prior to the treatment lar yeah.

 photo 12_zpszjhv0fzc.jpg

Tadaaaa! You can see the freezed fats after the treatment ends. Look at the amount of fats on my tummy!

 photo 13_zpsnhr5k6nb.jpg

The nurse will help to massage the fats in back to the flat tummy.

 photo 14_zps2q58diaz.jpg

Okay, dont mistaken this as the bruises, bruises are blue black in colour. It’s just the suction marks that will go off in couple of days. You can feel the cold-ness of the treatment area for couple of hours before it get back to room temperature. The treatment areas are numb and cold like a pack of freeze waterbag.

 photo 22_zps85hkh8qy.jpg

Clatuu promises a visible changes post 30 days and 90 days of the treatment. Well, let see what’s my progress below without going to gym!

 photo 15_zpshe9qd6aj.jpg

3 days after the treatment, the suction marks are faded off and I can see mild improvement. Skip all the gym and don’t do any jumping else you will feel the pain at the treatment area.

 photo 20_zpsn1ddubk3.jpg

Front view of 14 days and 21 days post treatment, the improvement is pretty visible and my tummy is slimmer than previous.

 photo 21_zpsomhcuggr.jpg

Side view of 14 days and 21 days post treatment, I’m so happy with the results. The results appeared even earlier than the promised period.

 photo 23_zpsvuhkm6ge.jpg

Here’s a photo of me at Kending 墾丁, Taiwan post 30 days of the treatments. Abs are visible and I’m excited to turn myself even leaner with the help of the fat freezing treatment.

On a side note, you might ask why we go for Aesthetic Clinic instead of slimming/beauty centre? Aesthetic Medical Clinic operates under the Ministry of Health and they are the medical doctors attending to your needs where else slimming/beauty centre are commonly operated by beautician and not licensed under Ministry of Health. Doctors can only work under Hospital, Medical Centre and Clinics only.

You may pm me on Facebook/Instagram for more information regarding the treatment. I’m more than happy to share my experience with you.

Sliq Clinic
First floor unit 19,
Oasis village, Jalan PJU 1A/7A,
Oasis Damansara 47301
PJ, Selangor

Phone: 017-2775580
Facebook : Sliq Clinic

The 5 Ways to Improve Your Cholesterol Level

As I have mentioned in my previous post about Cholesterol level, high cholesterol will increase the risk of heart disease and heart attack. It is crucial for all of us that prevention is better than cure. Even you are currently on medication, these methods would help to lower your cholesterol level too.

1. Food

All of us couldn’t resist the yummy delicacies in Malaysia, however making changes in our diet could improve our health and reducing the cholesterol level.

Oats is well known for lowering cholesterol level but the tedious process of getting it down just kinda – no to me. However, with the recently launched Nestlé Omega Plus® Milk with Oats, Nestlé has make it easy for you and me. I have no more excuse to escape from taking Oats.

 photo a1_zpsnpebwh0s.jpg

Some studies have shown that oats, when combined with other cholesterol-lowering foods, can have a big effect on cholesterol level. Nestlé Omega Plus® Milk with Oats combines both the Acticol®, plant sterols and Beta-glucan effectively battle down the cholesterol level.

 photo a2_zps8uicawnr.jpg

Honestly, I am not an oat person. However I am falling for this oat milk drink. Surprisingly it tasted yummy for me and it makes a healthy and filling breakfast. As I have gastric and acid reflux problem, I don’t have the luxury of delaying my meal time. Every morning before I walk my dog around the neighbourhood, I just pour hot water and the Nestlé Omega Plus® Milk with Oats from the convenient sachets into a cup, stirred; I’m good to go.

 photo a3_zpswk28rzm3.jpg

As most of us are busy working adults, this would be a great way in managing our cholesterol level effectively by drinking two sachets a day. I kept some in my office so I would able to drink it if I am hungry to tea-hours.

2. Exercise

I remember that the consultants been telling me exercise is able to improve my cholesterol level. With moderate physical activity, it would help to raise high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol. So, work up to at least 30 minutes of exercise a day and it also help us to lose weight.

Exercising alone is boring, thus walking/jogging with Warrior is always my favourite activity.

 photo a4_zpsuzt9kxjm.jpg

3. Quit smoking

Yes, smoking does contribute to high cholesterol level. So stop smoking and make a difference. Within 20 minutes of quitting, your blood pressure and heart rate decrease. Within one year, your risk of heart disease is half that of a smoker. Within 15 years, your risk of heart disease is similar to someone who never smoked.

 photo a5_zpsfwubvg87.png

4. Lose weight

If your body weight is hitting high, try losing as little as 5 to 10 percent of you body weight. It would definitely improve your cholesterol levels. Start by eating healthy and exercise to challenge the weight loss.

 photo a6_zps5cuinzvt.jpg

I would always take the stairs instead of elevator whenever I work in the head quarters.

5. Cut down alcohol consumption

The consumption of alcohol has been linked with higher levels of HDL cholesterol. Too much alcohol can lead to serious health problems including high blood pressure, heart failure or even stroke. So cut down your alcohol consumption or drink in moderation.

 photo a7_zpsogrvga1s.jpg

Boosting Heart Health with Nestlé Omega Plus® Milk with Oats

At my age (I’m 26 this year), cholesterol level have never come across my mind when I feast on my favourite Malaysian delicacies. Some times I will just take granted on the exercises I have done in the week for eating more yummy food such as nasi lemak etc. However, I’m shock to know that the fact that Malaysians suffering from hypercholesterolaemia had increased drastically over the years. We are talking about one out of three Malaysians suffering from it.

 photo 1_zps5xbyn9gt.jpg
I’m at the launch of Nestlé Omega Plus® Milk with Oats, a healthy yet tasty beverage to boost our heart health on last Tuesday.

 photo 3_zpsn41yyvd5.jpg

As we know, the food link to high blood cholesterol is well known. The higher the intake of fatty food, the higher the cholesterol levels in our body. We need to ensure that HDL cholesterol levels stay high, and LDL cholesterol levels stay low, relative to each other to stay healthy. LDL cholesterol is a major risk factor for heart disease. As such, it is the main focus of cholesterol-lowering treatment.

 photo 2_zps8pd43qeu.jpg

Nestlé has came out with the Nestlé Omega Plus® Milk with Oats; the first-in-market combined action of two naturally-derived cholesterol-lowering ingredients, Acticol ® and Beta-glucan launched by Malaysia’s heart health advocator, Nestlé Omega Plus®. Only Nestlé Omega Plus® Milk with Oats has Acticol® which is naturally derived from plant sterols, that have been scientifically proven to block cholesterol from entering the bloodstream. It works simultaneously with Beta-glucan from oats that binds with cholesterol in the gut and removes it from the body. This dual-action of blocking and removing cholesterol helps to manage cholesterol levels more effectively, compared to the consumption of oats alone1.

 photo 5_zpsfnnmy8nf.jpg

Model, Cher Siew Wei, Corporate Wellness Manager, Khoo Kar Khoon, Communication Director, Ng Su Yen, Business Executive Manager, Milks, Chew Soi Ping, Executive Director, Sales, Chris Chan, Consumer Marketing Manager, Alesha Mah, Brand Manager, Evelyn Yoong, Innovation and Renovation Manager, Model

 photo 8_zpsgcbvbqvk.jpg

I understand that preventative heart care is not a top-of-mind consideration for most Malaysian adults, as heart disease is usually perceived as an illness that affects the elderly2. However, research has proven otherwise, showing that Malaysians in their thirties have arteries akin to those in their seventies due to their lifestyles. It is important for us to prevent the illness attacking us.

 photo 7_zpsqruefikk.jpg

Malaysians are succumbing to heart disease at a younger age. We are able to obtain a consistent and pro-active solution to power up a holistic heart health management routine with the Nestlé Omega Plus® Milk with Oats. We kneel down the bad cholesterol and stay free from the heart disease.

 photo 6_zpsdincy8ij.jpg

Apart from taking the Nestlé Omega Plus® Milk with Oats, it is alsoimportant to maintain regular exercise habit to bring down the cholesterol levels. But for the busy (or rather lazy) people out there, Nestlé is here to help Malaysians make effortless adjustments to their everyday routines for better overall health.

 photo 9_zpsyhpghs9u.jpg

Checking my cholesterol level and glad it’s within the healthy range. *phew*

 photo 10_zpswcexsrn8.jpg

With Gary Yap

Nestlé Omega Plus® Milk with Oats comes in convenient single serve sachets – consuming the recommended two servings per day becomes effortless as you can slip the sachets into your work or gym bag and have it anytime of the day. Simply add 200ml of hot water and stir and you are ready to go with the power of two cholesterol reducing ingredients to enable you to live life to the fullest!

 photo 4_zpsolidhkm4.jpg

Nestlé Omega Plus® Milk with Oats is available from May 2016 at all hypermarkets and supermarkets for RM 19.98 (10 sachets x 42g in one pouch). Head over to your nearest AEON, AEON BIG, GIANT, TESCO, ECONSAVE and MYDIN outlets to kick start your heart health today.

The Thinnest Condom Is Now Available in Malaysia – Sagami Original 0.02

Good news to the boys and mens out there, the thinnest condom is now available on sale in Malaysia. Okay, calm yourself down a little and witness the launch together with me below 😉

 photo 1_zpsv7im8ycl.jpg

Last Thursday was the launch of Sagami Original 0.02, the thinnest condom available in Malaysia at PLAY Club. Japanese condoms are the top notch in the industry, many of my friends actually imported them back from Japan for their usage. If you are one of them, now you can access to it so easily.

 photo 2_zps5mlkereq.jpg

Do you know that the brand Sagami, was founded in 1934, way back to our grandparents era. They are the first condom manufacturer in Japan and also the first condom manufacturer in the world to release coloured and dotted condoms. In 2004, Sagami has developed the Sagami Original 0.02, a polyurethane condom at just 0.024mm thick. Of course, it has instantly became the best selling condom in Japan. *you must be thinking they should have come to Malaysia earlier right?*

 photo 3_zpslblsg6ne.jpg

Why Sagami Original 0.02 is the hit in the condom industry? Apart from the material used, which is safe for those who are allergic to latex, the Sagami Original 0.02 is 3 times stronger in pressure test and 2 times better in tensile strength test. In lay man terms, it simply means it wont break easily. Oh ya, forget about the expiry date since they can be actually stored for 5 years! I believe you finish it way faster than that 😛

 photo 4_zpsuygkiiop.jpg

I always hear about the thinner the better for condom, but why?  It actually provides a more real feel experience, more sensitive and thus increasing the sexual pleasure to both the men and women. The Sagami Original 0.02 is exclusively available at selected Watsons stores nationwide only as well as Watsons Online Store.

 photo 5_zps00cnavta.jpg

Emcee for the night – Miss Cay Kujipers

 photo 6_zpssxovd2di.jpg

Cheers to the MOET champagne party for the night!

 photo 7_zpsvbt9rww6.jpg

Drums performance for the night!

 photo 8_zpsm4szqmmd.jpg

One of my friend who used to study in Japan told me that during the schooling days they actually bought Sagami Original 0.02, pack it individually and sell them in the clubs to earn extra income. Sagami original is as if colgate when you think of tooth paste brand in Japan.

 photo 9_zpsdyk5qtp0.jpg

Let’s share on what are the brands of condom you have tried  and whats the differences.  You got to grab the Sagami Original 0.02 from the nearest Watsons Store and try it out yourself. To give you a better impression how thin this really is, an average thickness of a human hair which is 0.06mm while the Sagami Original 0.02 is a third of the thickness of a human hair. Not to mention it is also more than twice as thin as the standard latex ultra-thin condom (eg. Durex Sensi-Thin, which is 0.048 mm). Try it out and share your experience here 😉 Enjoy safe and pleasure sex guys!

The Misuse of Disabled Parking Lot in Malaysia

The misuse of disabled parking lots issue in Malaysia has been the topic of countless hearings over the past several years. In line with the Persons with Disabilities Act 2008, the government has step up the availability of disabled parking lots in Malaysia. However, the these parking lots are built in very limited numbers.

Image credit to

Despite the sad number of disabled parking lots, Malaysian seems to take advantage of the OKU parking lots for non other than the two reason, nearer to the entrance or the ordinary car parks are fully occupied. Probably if you ask those healthy people who parked at the disabled parking lots, they might answered you with “sorry sorry, five minutes jeh” or even worst off “how often you see OKU drivers on the road?”. I guess they don’t understand that the parking space is meant for the disabled even if it’s just for a few minutes.

But why? Why this issue has been rising as compared to other countries?

Do you know that British actually enforce a Blue Badge Scheme system whereby people who are using the disabled facilities will have to display their Blue Badged for inspection by the police officers and traffic attendants. If you to fail to produce a badge for inspection, without reasonable excuse, you can get fined to maximum of £1,000.

Looking back into the Malaysia enforcement system, the authorities have to increase the enforcement towards people who abused the facilities meant exclusively for the disabled such as parking lots. “The authorities must be quick to take action against such people. There is no excuse for an able-bodied person to use a parking space meant for the disabled even if it’s for a few minutes.”, said S Jeyaraj, disabled author of the guidebook “Guidance For Wheelchair Bound. He said this included members of the disabled community who did not drive but were passengers. “The parking spots are for disabled drivers not disabled passengers, as their drivers can drop them off and park elsewhere.”

What make things worst was the non-governed disabled parking sticker system has to be revamped and governed. You and I can easily walk into those stationery shops to purchase the disable parking sticker. Something has to be done, and applause to Selangor and Penang states that have taken the lead in this matter. Selangor has issued free parking stickers to disabled persons which covered all the municipalities in the state. Penang also issued similar free parking stickers to disabled persons for areas under the jurisdiction of the Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang (MPPP).

So Malaysian, let’s spread the awareness on how important it is not to abuse OKU parking facilities. All these legal issues should be looked into by everyone. Shall you have any doubt over any issues, you can actually check it through AskLegal. A platform which simplifies the legal jargon for our understanding.