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Being LANSI by a Little Girl!

2 days ago I went bouldering at Mad Monkeyz Climbing Gym with Samantha and Mel.

For your information,they have renovated their first floor few weeks ago and now they have different route from what I tried before during first and second visit.

As usual, I love to hang myself upside down!
Spot this little girl there….

Model shoot? Lolx….
This little girl LANSI us there…How?…Tell you later xD
Samantha tried her best to hang herself upside down, but…

Probably she just can’t make use of her ass energy to push herself up! xDxD
As a result…


*The picture looks so wrong*

Same applied to Mel =P
This little girl named Hani came by, and show off to us …

* Salute kao kao*

In fact, she try to teach Samantha and Mel how to get up there as well….Big shame for both of them! haha…
Despite of me keep on laughing them, she (with evil looking down at me look) challenge me to do so as well…

Don’t underestimate me! Xi@nG can do it as well =P

I bought a New EYE for my Baby!

After been craving for Tamron 17-50mm F2.8 lens, I finally got it for my baby Alpha 550 yesterday.

I bought it from Studio Zaloon, Pudu Plaza. If you are looking for this lens too, probably you can a good price from them. I’m satisfied with the price quoted to me anyway =]
Seriously I love this lens a lot, work very well with my baby =]
Have a look few samples I took using it with my baby….

Grand Children of Teejay and Adeline

Chloe Turtle named Xiong Xiong

Lastly I have to thanks Mel for helping me sold out my HTC Touch Diamond so that I can get this lens so fast as a birthday present for myself! Wee…
Though I’m a happy man by now, but I’m also broke from financial wise. Less outing, less nice food from now on! (I wonder I can make it a not? xD) Haha…

Wind Blows Songkhla Beach in Thailand

If you happen to know I went for road trip on December last year, you would know that I brought Samuel to Hatyai,Thailand along with my family trip.

For your information, Hatyai is just around an hour drive from my home town Alor Star. Knowing the distance between it, you roughly know how often my family visit there for massage, praying session, shopping and so on.

During this trip, my uncle happened to bring us to Songkhla beach with is around 30 minutes drive from Hatyai town. Though I’ve been to Hatyai for more than 20-30 times before, but we have not visit this beach at all in the history.
Believe me, you can’t imagine how windy there is. Give you a scenario that my hair is total messed up standing there for a second and hardly open my eyes there…

This is Songkhla beach people! by Samuel Chew

Ee Ling, my cousin sister
Remember I said this is a family trip? Bear in mind this is not just my family, but a big families trip. We used to travel together with my aunties, the sisterhood between my mom and aunties is strong man! Haha….

Took a group picture without my dad,sister,bro-in-law,me and my niece
Wonder why I stated there without those few people? Cause they came along the trip as well but my niece can’t stand the strong wind. As a result, she refuse to come down from the car…

Teejay parents, Aunt Angie and Uncle Alan
Took some shots before walking further to the beach….

A great place for relaxing especially people who love to read books
(I wonder how they read since it’s super windy there)

I love this shot but I have no idea what it’s about

Wootz…Cool Sam!
Don’t bother looking for me in all the pictures cause I wont let my COOL image ruin! Told you my hair was a total messed there… Haha…

Kids playing along the beach

My brother with the mermaid

Samuel with the mermaid

Cat and the Squirrel

(Miao is much more cuter than this! haha)

One thing you must not miss in Thailand is their coconut. They have the most fragrant and tasty coconut. One of it is definitely not enough still….

Samuel happened to buy this small wind mill (I dunno how to called this thingy) for my niece, you know kids easily recognize you if you give them sweets or present =]

Here come my cute little niece!!

My dad called her little princess and the prince me being kicked away dy =[

She can’t wait to grab the windmill from my mom
Not to mentioned that Songkhla have specializing in delicious seafood. You easily find sea food snack along the beach from all the stalls set up.

Ee Ling said the food is Yummy!
Some time it’s quite fun looking at kids flying the kites, refresh the oldies memory locked in my mind. Shit, sounds like i’m a uncle dy!

My nephew Ben flying kites

The great Art work from Thai people never fail to amaze us

Model shoot perhaps?

Cool Mama said bye to Songkhla!

What’s Happening in One Utama?

Last Friday after I have my dinner in Dave’s Pizza Pasta Vino in One Utama, I discovered the crowd at the ground floor at the new wing with some familiar voice coming out from the speakers.

It’s actually 988 Tour Concert in conjunction of the Chinese New Year song album 虎甲天下过好in One Utama.
Since I have my DSLR on hand, wouldn’t want to miss to take some nice photos there =]
I walk *in fast mode* all the way from 3th floor to the ground floor, but they already sang finish at the moment I reached in front of the stage ==”

Lucky still manage to snap a photo of them holding the mic, pretend they are still singing kay? Haha…
Oh ya, more interesting photo below…

I didn’t meant to take this picture but look at their face expression =P
Finally a nice group photo but they are not look at my camera except…

Danny Wan Lik Meng !

He most Seng Mok Zai ald response to my camera! haha…Shoo the OP!

Okay, the fans tak sabar-sabar wanna get signature from the singers dy…

I shall head home too…Not a great fans of them…Haha

Between, I love One Utama decoration for every festival celebration. I remember on year 2008 they have Disney Theme for CNY! Coolz man!