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HaPpY BiRThDaY mY MoMmY ^^

Today 31st March is my MoMmY BirThDaY!!!
I wasn’t around her to celebrate with her, also din’t get her any birthday present yet…
Here i find picture of cake, edit it to present to her first….
Shall buy her a present later….

HaPpY BiRtHdAy My B3LoV3D MomMy !

KLCC participating Earth Hour 2009

These were the pictures of KLCC I grab from my friend, Khey Jenq facebook photos posted…!

Anyway, me myself and my cousin do participate the event by off the lights of the house…
Additionally,he ask me to off all electric supply in the whole house except the fridge only…We nearly off the main switch dy 😛
See how supportative we are? How about you guys?..

The D@y In ReD bOX

After a long time we have not been to ReDBoX, we are BACK !!!

I think it been months we never step in Redbox dy…

Okie, Yesterday I went with Chin Kian, Guo Quan, Wei Ming, Mel and Shi Hooi

Lets see what happen to the people there….

Hmm…Who Shi Hooi Is staring to? And what makes her stared?……

Owh….. It was Chin Kian here……

Hmm…. Why did Shi Hooi stare at him ah?….

Remember the post “Dog & Cat Lover Story” regarding them?

I think Shi Hooi must be suspecting him went to find other girls again 😛

Okay, lets go for the next person….

It was Mel here….Why she looked so upsad ya? Seems like crying somemore….

Oh ya, I know dy…. There was a fish absent today! Don’t be sad lar… Just go Bentung to find the fish if you are that missing him lar… 😛


Okay, the two people below was enjoying their singing session. Ignoring the others including me


~ Guo Quan ~

~ Wei Ming ~

Hmm….Did you guys discover there’s a person missing there???

Its me!!!!!

Where am I?… I was too busy taking photos and creating story! Kakax…..

Intro – Ikramz….

Hey Hey…. Intro to you guys, this is my Sunway University College classmate –> Ikram
Lets start with some description… He has a BIG eye! Thanks to me ..Blekz….:P

He is a Malay guy… Although peoples hardly believe he is…

He carry his camera all the while with him so that he can take photo at any moment he feel to be. Basically we suggested he went to a wrong course,instead of CAT, he should go to photography course. He wont hesitate to take any photo of us at any position. He saves a lot of unflattering pics of us with him an even post to facebook… Arr….

Anyway,he is a nice friend and helpful all the while….
So, girls…..Don’t hesitate too much!!!
You all can go after him since he is still single and available

Oops, Am i promoting him hardly?….Wonder why arr…Kakax..