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DOG and CAT "loverS" story

Picture speak!!!

CK: Telling U A thing, bt u muz cool down…(better defense myself)
SH: U say lar…

SH: WhaT! U dun wan me?! Hmm!..

CK: we still friend lar…Choi me lar…

SH: I can choi u…..if and only u back to me..

SH: I noe…(sob)… U dun wan me d….

CK: Dont take my pic… I am nt 溅男!

SH: I wont let you off de! U always mine!
CK: Go away! Dont tarik me! U can get my body, but not my heart!!

SH: Don’t run!! I am here….(chase till shoes oso drop)

SH: faster back to me
CK: SMS tell my gal gal better!

CK: My gal gal ask me find her le! Bye!
SH: Don’t go… I cant live without you….

SH: U still don’t come….I will Jump de loo…

SH: Last time u say u love me…say my name very sweet… write poems for me..(为你写诗)…Now u dun wan me dy….i dun wan live anymore le!!
CK: Lalalala!!


(Back to car)
SH: Sei Ye! Juz now make me so embaressing! Now u noe die le! Kakax… Go back home u surely die! Ngek Ngek..
CK: Sorry My dearr…sorry…i Dont dare next time le…

SH: Still gt next time!! Arr… CK: No..No.. No next time le….forgive me..PLs.. Ouch..pain..

SH: Okie la….forgive u this time..You tired le….Come..I serve u…sleep…

CK: Phew…Finally… (where gt ppl so stupid like her believe what I say!Kakax…)
{The End}

OuTinGz eVenT + JJ Lin

On 20 Nov, I plan outingz with friends in red box,pool and drum(which the one i love the most) In sunway pyramid. That day was JJ visiting to Jaya One oso…therefore we decided to make our plan packed and meet him…haha

Was driving all the way from subang to Pj,picking up Mel,then went to chase back the deposit from UTAR. Hell UTAR which suppose return me the deposit of RM200 still dint send me the cheque or the payment. As expected, the financial department fellow tell me that the system does not indicate any payment to me yet. Then ask me refill the form,giving excuses of possible of post missing,form missing half way. Planned to scold the fellow there,but since she explain with a proper manner to me,jzu forget about the scold stuff and fill up the form again. I expect for the payment to reach around 3 month times….
After that,we drive back to sunway for the ktv on 1pm,chin kian suppose meet us on time,bt he was late again.Samely given some excuse. Haha….Liang khoon was forgivable as he rush to Sunway after class…I was so keen to red box which i went there around 4 times dy in 10 days. But that day reli frighten me to stop singing in ktv for sometime. Was suppose end up on 4pm,manatau they dint chase up us to end up,therefore we sing till around 6pm,somemore was me calling for the bill. Was worth while fo paying but then too long duration make us bored up sound croad dy…
We went for pool as Chin Kian wanna challenge my pool skill.Haha….as expected,i Won him…Haha….I wasnt a reli bad player,but not a good player at the same time compare to others. thanks to Amir and my brother which train me up.Kakakx…
We then proceed to the drum play machine.Lousy Chin Kian make me play only 3 songs,but i manage to get photo capture again as i broke a new record for one song again.
Liang Khoon was chasing us as JJ suppose attending the event on 7.30pm…Therefore i fly car there…Reaching there nice on time but in the JJ came out late….Normal la…artist always came out late.
To avoid the crowd up there, we decided to go to the spanish restaurant CHulo to have dinner as there was a strategic location to view the event. the dinner was really nice, i have the bruchetta which was type of started of bread. Forgotten to take pic… :P.. i took the macaroni cheese with lamb…was very very delicious….
JJ show up after we have the dinner..but we still retain at the same place to watch the event as this was the main purpose of eating there…
Have a Look of the pic below la…

PoSt afTer LonG tIme

I haven write any post since the exam ends….
Was quite busy wandering around….
After a week of busy activities, was super tiring….
Money also spent till dry dy….
Need inflow of money!!!

Yesterday alone driving back Alor Star from KL. Supposing my god brother accompany me back for the journey, manatau he ffk me, somemore throw temper on me for no reason. What the F***…
How irresponsible of him which doesnt call me personally to tell me,just uses sms and without any appologise.
He must have been never tried of I scolding people moreover I was super lack of sleep that night. Just slept for an hour for my friend birthday celebration….

However my journey does not ruled up by him, I quite enjoy alone driving as no people grumbling me of high speed or what…..I drive like 120-130 KM/Hour…
Of course i tried to avoid the speed trap by lowering down the speed on certain suspicios spot…
I used up 4 hours to reach AS minusing the time I stop by for lunch.

This wednesday gonna travel back KL dy. But this trip my mom and mom friends gonna following me back. Mommy came here for vacation and one more purpose. Haha…
Cannot say here…LOL….

I am wandering how fast i can travel that day coz my car will be loaded, therefore sure will low down my car speed…..HAha…hope can reach KL in 4 and half hours….
Looking forward the outingz lepak again….Haha…
But money Pls!!!Kakax…


I always have a high expectation on my t4…
But today all proves i am wrong…
I dunno how to do the process costing ….(many dunno also…)
The most important is i misinterpret the labour costing question…Juz lost 9 marks there…..
Now i am worry of can i pass this paper…..
So sad….
Tmr was t5 Paper somemore….
The most fearful paper…
Pray to Buddha hardly, Pls let me pass all 4 papers!

If i am going to fail my t4,i gonna swear now no more outingz in future!serious!