Seafood Buffet Dinner with 10 Crab Flavours at Chatz Brasserie, Park Royal Hotel Kuala Lumpur

My post might come late, but it’s never too late to savour the Crab buffet at Chatz Brasserie, Park Royal Hotel. Before I went to Australia, I went for a sampling session of the seafood buffet dinner, trust me it was real yummy and comparable to those Australia crab I had over there.

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 Sweet & Sour Meat Crab

From 1 to 30 August, there will be choices of crab dishes available during the Seafood Buffet Dinner on every Friday and Saturday. Trust me, book for a seat now for this coming weekend for a savoury dinner! You definitely regretting this if you missed it.

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 Fried Blue Flower Crab with Spices

 If you’re wondering what you’ll be getting from the buffet spread, there’s mud crab, blue ocean crab and Sri Lankan crab on the ice counter. You can even savour some Japanese selection such as Soba or Udon noodle with crab meat. Needless to mention some of the crabmeat salad available at the Salad counter.

 photo 3_zps948469bd.jpg

Blue Flower Crab Masak Lemak Nenas

There’s even crabmeat soup and noodles available at the counter. Of course the star dishes would be the kam heong crab, Steamed crab with egg white and so on.

 photo 4_zpsdf89b7fa.jpg

Wok Fried Crab in Marmite Sauce

 Moving to the western counter, they have baked crab pudding and crab pudding.  Not to mention the Baked Salmon Coulibiac served with crabmeat cream sauce.

 photo 5_zps53f996e4.jpg

Deep-fried Soft Shell Crab

 photo 6_zpsae549a64.jpg

Butter Meat Crab

 Among my favourite is the butter meat crab, I always love the butter milk dishes in Park Royal Hotel. The sauce were well balanced with sweet and salty flavour, not mentioning the creamyness out of it.

 photo 7_zps64139c14.jpg

Kam Heong Crab

 photo 8_zpsba99b8e7.jpg

Wok-fried Chili Meat Crab

 The sweet with a hint of spicy wok-fried chili crab meat is also one of my favourite, paired with some sweet bun will be perfect for the night!

 photo 9_zpse58d4b86.jpg

Wok-fried Meat Crab with Salted Egg

 The delicate salted egg meat crab is also one of my favourite for the night.

 photo 10_zps82e2de5e.jpg

Steamed Crab with Egg White

The steamed crab with egg white totally release the sweetness of the crab meat.

 photo 11_zpsde0a2c2c.jpg

I heard Chatz Brasserie is giving out steamed fish for the patrons coming for the seafood buffet dinner.

Weekend Seafood Buffet Dinner featuring 10 Crab Flavours is available from 6.30pm to 10.30pm priced at 115 nett per adult and RM57.50 nett per child.

However, for the whole month of August, the promotional price for this buffet is now available at RM85 nett per adult. So make sure to make your reservations in August now!

For reservations or enquiries, please call 03 2147 0088 or email

Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2782 8301
Email: chatz.prkul@parkroyalhotels,com

MTV World Stage 2014 with Sailor Jerry

Last weekend I was at the MTV world Stage all thanks to Sailor Jerry. I haven’t been to World Stage for the past two years, this round Sailor Jerry made it for me.


Sailor Jerry Spiced is a Caribbean Rum blended with 100% natural spices and flavours. It is inspired by the American tattoo legend Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins.


Sailor Jerry Spiced embodies the independent spirit and unapologetic attitude of the rum’s namesake who was noted for saying “My work speaks for itself.” Sailor Jerry is also a big advocate of authentic and true individuals.


At MTV World Stage with my buddies!


Sailor Jerry supports originality and individuals who express themselves creatively.


It is currently only available in a few outlets in Malaysia. I can’t wait to taste the spiced rum by Sailor Jerry!


Tried the Cocktail by Sailor Jerry with oolong tea, lemon juice and sprite namely Backyard Tea. I love the flavor out of it, the oolong tea also enhance the rum taste. Yums!


Truly enjoy MTV world stage while enjoying Sailor Jerry rum at the VIP area. Thanks sailor Jerry ;)


- Instagram – @sailorjerry
- Hashtag – #sailorjerrymy

No Internet, No worries! Samsung NX Mini Solves Your Problem!

If you have followed me on Instagram or facebook, you would have knew that I went to Australia for vacation for the past 2 weeks. As much as I love taking photos, getting the photos out right away it’s captured is a big hassle for all of us. Except that you carry your laptops every where, you can’t really share the photos with your friends instantly. That’s a waste isn’t?

 photo 6_zps97ee3c3c.jpg
With the Samsung NX Mini, it pretty much solves my problem. I don’t have to carry my huge ass tablet around to extract the photos out from the memory card.

 photo samsung-nx_mini_zpsb450ea46.jpg

Remember that I mentioned in my previous post, NX mini has NFC in it which enables me to transfer single to multiple images with just a tab with my NFC compatible devices, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in my case. All the great photos could be transferred into your phone within a split second.

 photo ScreenShot2014-08-11at92853PM_zpsc8a857c1.png

Samsung NX Mini enables me to share my joyful journey instantly with my followers on Instagram =]

 photo 9_zpsc3659412.jpg


Besides NFC photo beam, Samsung NX mini also comes with the Wi-Fi feature. The wi-fi function allows you to connect your phone to the camera, you can also control your camera via Samsung Smart Camera app in your phone.

 photo 3_zps026d9cb8.jpg

Apart from that, you can even preset the photos to be instantly shared in your mobile phone through the Direct Link Auto Share function. All the photos taken will be transferred into your phone instantly without any wired cable.

 photo 1_zps4b75d7b4.jpg

Sea World , Gold Coast

 photo 2_zps023c089c.jpg

Sun Set at Surfer Paradise, Gold Coast

 photo 4_zpsfd3e6931.jpg

Royal Arcade, Melbourne

 photo 5_zpse3e13ace.jpg

Brighton Beach

 photo 7_zps81f8826e.jpg

Mount Buller

 photo 8_zps30b61a04.jpg

The NFC feature on the Samsung NX Mini provide much convenience in sharing our happy moment with friends. Photos could be easily transferred direct to my mobile and shares it on my Instagram, Facebook or Twitter or send it to my family groupchat. Trust me, you will love this small yet powerful Samsung NX Mini.

For more information about Samsung NX Mini NFC Feature, please visit
Samsung Malaysia Website

Samsung Malaysia Facebook Page:

Pearlicious Somersby!

Always been a fan of Somersby Apple Cider Beer, felt so excited when I heard about the Somersby Pear Cider Beer is now available in Malaysia.

 photo 1_zpsd1f3742a.jpg

Been absent from the event scene due to hectic work, but how could I resist Somersby?! Hence I’m here at the event =]

 photo 4_zps1a55e2d8.jpg

The Somersby Pear Cider launch was held at Publika, the event started late due to the rain earlier. However it doesn’t kill our mood by enjoying  one after one glasses of Somersby!

 photo 3_zpsf2b4b05e.jpg

Somersby Pear Cider!

 photo 2_zpsdff52b7e.jpg

Refreshingly crisp taste – Somersby Pear Cider!

 photo 6_zpsbf5083d3.jpg

 photo 5_zps03f2c4c9.jpg

Enjoy bottles of Somersby Pear while enjoying the live band performance.

 photo Somersby01_zps6d627420.jpg

The Somersby Pear Cider has a lighter flavour as compared to the Somersby Apple Cider. The pear cider has a sweeter hint as compared to the apple cider, it has a calmer tone compared to the latter one.

 photo Somersby02_zps935a326d.jpg

Try it yourself and let me know which is your favourite!

 photo Somersby07_zps3f1a33a0.jpg

Hosts and Somersby Ambassadors, Jeremy Teo and Chelsia Ng posed with Mr. Andersen and guest as they enjoyed the delicious Somersby Pear Cider. (L-R) – Guest, Jeremy Teo, Mr. Anderson and Chelsia Ng

 photo Somersby10_zps5fd14760.jpg

 photo Somersby09_zps0d747f3a.jpg

with ze Chagang member Smashpop and Baldwin at the Somersby Pear Cider launch

New Level of Selfie!

The word selfie is described as a self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone. Selfies are often shared on social networking services such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Tumblr. They are often casual, and are typically taken either with a camera held at arm’s length or in a mirror.

Selfie with my Samsung Note 3

If you thought selfie is something just came in trend in the recent years, wrong! In the early 2000s, before Facebook became the dominant online social network, self-taken photographs were particularly common on MySpace. What was the element that spice up the selfie trend again, all thanks to the improvements in design—especially the front-facing camera copied by the iPhone 4 (2010) from Korean and Japanese mobile phones, mobile photo apps.

Selfie is a must whenever we meet each other =]

Selfie with my god son!

Initially popular with young people, selfies gained wider popularity over time. Now I’m sure some of your parents or aunty uncle selfie-ing during lunch or over the dinner, isn’t it?

Selfie in the Hotel

According to a 2013 survey, two-thirds of Australian women age 18–35 take selfies—the most common purpose for which is posting on Facebook. A poll commissioned by smartphone and camera maker Samsung found that selfies make up 30% of the photos taken by people aged 18–24.

 photo 1_zps46dc6c36.jpg

Did you realised the front few selfie photos were kinda grainy or filled with lotsa noise? All the photos earlier were taken using a smartphone. Obviously the technology of the smart phones still limit the perfection of the front shots hereby Samsung came out with the world’s slimmest interchangeable lens camera using a BSI 20.5MP CMOS sensor of the 1″-type for the “selfies”!

It’s only 22.5mm thick, and with the diminutive 9mm prime it’s well within the bounds of jacket-pocketability. The Dual View series, point-and-shoots with small secondary LCDs on the front panel, as well as the first cameras to run full Android operating systems with LTE connectivity. Selfie made easy with Samsung NX Mini!

 photo 4_zps8a2a09fc.jpg

 photo 3_zpsaa9b697f.jpg

So am I into selfie, you judge =P