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Guangxi cuisine is light, but not as light as Cantonese food; it is spicy, but not as spicy as Sichuan cuisine. I found this new seafood restaurant serving Guang Xi delicacies at Equine Park.

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Leng Loong Homemade Noodles

The chef sourced the homemade noodles all the way from Lenggong for his signature noodle dish. The noodles are alkaline-free and has a bouncy texture. The chef dish the noodles out with pork, prawns and choy sum in his very own dark brown sauce. The pork lards topped on the noodles add in more flavour to the noodle and keep us addictive to it. It is best paired with the Leng Loong special chili sauce that add in a garlicky spicy flavours.

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Leng Loong Kong Xi Claypot Fish

A medium size red snapper were halved and steamed in the claypot. The claypot act as a steam-baked agent retaining the juices of the fish to bind with the superior soya sauce. The fish is sweet and tender in texture.

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Kong Xi Tau Pok

I’m never a Tau Pok person as I don’t like the texture of it. However, the stuffing of minced pork, diced prawns and chives cooked in the clear broth caught me addictive to it. Probably I will buy in this time.

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Kong Xi Rice Wine Claypot Chicken

Wine is a must when treating the guests for the Guang Xi people. The usage of Fa Tiew wine in their dishes has created their signature dishes with great aroma and flavours out of it. In a way, the chicken pieces were lightly stewed in loads of Chinese red wine to ensure the infusion of flavours. I simply love this dish and its a great food during the cold weather.

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Kong Xi Fried Pork

One of the star of the lunch would be the Kong Xi Fried Pork. The boneless pork chop were well marinated with Nam Yu, it’s such a succulent food with robust flavour, good stuff! Warning alert, Highly ADDICTIVE!

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Kong Xi Stir Fried Stinky Beans

Not a fan of stinky beans but I can see that it was decently sauteed with minced pork in the spicy sambal sauce.

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Golden Salted Egg Prawn

Everyone knows how much I love prawns and this Golden Salted Egg Prawn is simply perfect for me. To stand out from others, the chef decided to get a rougher sandy texture to coat on the prawns for the extra crunchiness. Surprising the rough texture adds in extra flavours to it during the biting.

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Asam Steamed Talapia

We were greeted with the O-shape mouth Talapia fish and everyone busy taking a photo of it, you don’t see this often right. The gravy is delicate, spicy and savoury at time with long beans, egg plant, onion etc in it. This reminds me of the Asam steamed fish in the Northern.

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Old Cucumber Boiled Soup

The much soothing Old Cucumber Boiled Soup were served to end the meal and to sooth our stomach after all the dishes.

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Chilled Dessert of ‘Nai Tung’

No.21, Jalan Equine 9B,
Taman Equine,
Bandar Putra Permai,
43300 Seri Kembangan
Tel: 017 247 1183 / 017 912 8414

Business hours:
Lunch: 10.30am to 2.30pm
Dinner: 5.30pm to 11pm

Closed every alternate Wednesday

Chinese New Year Feast at Ee Chinese Cuisine, Eastin Petaling Jaya

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Salmon with Rice Crackers “Yee Sang”

 photo 3_zpse7e31ece.jpg

A delicate Salmon Sashimi Yee Sang with homemade plum sauce will never go wrong, Lou Hei Lou Hei, Fung Sang Shui Hei!

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Double Boiled Sun Dried Seafood Soup with Pigeon

I’m always anticipated with the soup served in Ee Cuisine. The chef will never let me down with their much nourishing double boiled soup. The consommé was real flavourful after going through long hours of double boiling. There’s fish maw, sea cucumber, scallop, chicken slice and morel mushrooms in it.

 photo 5_zps2492dabf.jpg

Oven Baked Live Oyster with Cheese

A little twist from the traditional Chinese New Year dishes, the chef decided to go fusion this round. Chef has incorporate eggs and fresh oyster and topped with cheese sauce prior to the oven. The taste is much more savoury and easier to accept for those who don’t take raw oyster

 photo 6_zpsace7d198.jpg

Poached Capon Traditional Style

Back to basic, the capon was smoked after the poaching process. The chicken meat was firm, moist and tender. What I love most was the chef special chilli sauce that add in the kick to the chicken meal.

 photo 7_zps4b08f50a.jpg

Baked Cod Fish with Egg Caviar

The flaky cod fish were pan-fried leaving a caramelized crust prior to the baking process in the oven. It was served on a bed of egg white and caviar which further enhance the dish. The egg whites add in texture while the caviar enhances the fish flavour of the dish. I love the baked cod as the juice of the fish was sealed in it; however the caramelized part is a little too sweet for my liking.

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Braised Cabbage with Eight Treasures

 photo 9_zps98f863dd.jpg

The braised cabbage with eight treasures looks plain at the first sight. But when it was cut off, we were impressed with the 8 types of ‘treasures’ in it. This pretty dish symbolizes better health and wealth. The cabbage was steamed prior to the stuffing of the ingredients. There were scallops, dried oyster, mushrooms, salted egg, lotus seeds, prawns, sea cucumber and chestnut in it.

 photo 10_zpsfcdfc15d.jpg

Fried Rice with Seafood and Rice Crackers

We were literally wow-ed when the fried rice was served on the table. We have never expected seafood fried rice could be done this way. Chef has incorporate three different types of texture into the ordinary friend rice, from fish roe, prawns bites to crunchy rice crackers. This beautifully crafted fried rice was a great surprise indeed

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Double Boiled White Fungus, Gingko and Hasma served with Sweet Duet

The dessert of the night was none other than the nourishing Double Boiled White Fungus, Gingko and Hasma. Hasma is good for clearing lungs and skin, not for asthma patients though.

 photo 12_zps0eef86c5.jpg

The surprise continues at the dessert part, the crispy thin pastry with durian stuffing is the star of the night for durian lovers. As compared to the crispy sticky rice cakes beside it, it tasted less sweet.

Available from 1 February to 5 March 2015 (Lunch & Dinner)
RM538++ per table of 4 persons
RM988++ per table of 6 persons
RM1388++ to RM4688++ per table of 10 persons

Good Fortune Reunion Set Dinner on 18 February 2015 (6.30pm – 10pm)
RM2388++ or RM4688++ per table of 10

Reunion Buffet Dinner on 18 February 2015 (6.30pm – 10pm)
International Buffet, at Swez Brasserie
RM108++ (Adult) or RM54++ (Children)

Ee Chinese Cuisine
Lobby Level
Eastin Hotel
13, Jalan 16/11,
46350 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: 603-7665 1111 ext 137/138
Email: info.pj@eastin.com
Website: www.eastin.com
Facebook: fb.com/eastinhotelpj

Business Hours
12noon – 2.30pm (Mondays to Saturdays)
10am – 2.30pm (Sundays & Public Holidays)
6.30pm – 10.30pm (Daily)

Chinese New Year Feast with the Authentic Teochew Cuisine at Pak Loh Chiu Chow, Starhill Gallery

I have tasted numerous Cantonese CNY dishes but Teochew Style, that’s new. Chef Alex from Pak Loh Chiu Chow has designed the CNY dishes focusing on the Teochew cooking techniques and flavours in it.

Teochew cuisine originated from the Chaoshan region in the east of Guangdong province. Teochew cuisine is particularly well known for its seafood and vegetarian dishes and is commonly regarded as being healthy. The flavouring of the dishes is much less heavy-handed than other Chinese cuisine. Teochew cuisine emphasizes on steaming, braising and poaching as well as stir-frying.

 photo 1_zpsc6a6deff.jpg

Classic Chiu Chow Yee Sang with Glass Carp

The Teochew Yee Sang is very different from the ordinary Yee Sang, Teochew people have it couple of times during the year instead of just CNY itself. There’s basil leaves,radish, chilli, ginger, coriander leaves, leek, garlic slices, jelly fish, preserved radish and peanuts. Chef choses the signature Teochew raw fish fresh Grass Carp slices and Blue Ginger Sesame Oil to pair with the yee sang. The Teochew style Yee Sang set to incorporate spicy, earthy, sweet and salty in it. The Teochew “Lo Hei” is more tidy and quitter and elegant than the ordinary one.

 photo 2_zpsaf292035.jpg

Double-boiled Shark Fin Soup with Marcella

Teochew people regard themselves as one of the first who savours shark fin soup. Teochew cuisine regularly use the superior broth for the base, the broth is boiled 8 hours prior serving. Generous amount of shark fins coupled with chicken pieces and delicious tasting morel mushrooms found in the bowl of soup. The intense flavor caught me addicted to it.

 photo 3_zps52b3362d.jpg

Steamed Jade Fish with Preserved Vegetables, Tomatoes and Sour Plum

First time having the Jade Perch fish, it has a firm, pearly white flesh and silky crumbly texture that easily falls away from the large bones. The browth from teochew steamed fish is much more delicate,savoury and smooth than the ordinary one we had locally. Even the tomato slices are well infused with the flavours from the broth. If you have notice the cute carrot carving served along the fish, teochew chef take pride in their skills of vegetable carving, which deeply impressed us during the dinner.

 photo 4_zpsa34432a9.jpg

Classic Crab Meat Ball with Vegetable and Mushroom

Fresh prawns were minced and punch into a springy paste and added with crab meat, water chestnut, coriander leaves and mushrooms. It was shaped into a Sycee shape and topped with caviar. Mouthful of sweet prawns and water chestnut flavours with richly buttery sea taste burst in your mouth.

 photo 5_zps7d3afedc.jpg

Braised Pig’s Trotter with Black Moss with Vegetables

As I have mentioned above, the braising cooking technique is widely use in the Teochew community. I have to admit that this Pork Trotter braised in Abalone jus was a blast. Leaving the fattening though aside, the abalone jus were cooked 9 hours prior to the 2 hours braising process. The texture of the pork trotter is so damn delicious and tender accompanied with sweet savoury abalone black moss sauce. I can have two bowls of rice with this dishes itself.

 photo 6_zpsb6de3e01.jpg

Braised Assorted Fungus with Vegetables

Something different from the ordinary braised oyster vegetable dishes, Chef Alex served us the traditional Teochew vegetable dishes. There’s 8 ingredients in this dishes including fresh lily bulb, Yu Yi (a type of fungus), Nai Bak, Black Moss, Dried Oyster, broccoli, water chestnut and mushroom. Yu Yi has a crunchy texture as compared to the normal mushroom used in the dishes.

 photo 7_zps8aa3edad.jpg

Fried Chinese Glutinous Rice Cake Chiu Chow Style

The fried glutinous rice cake topped with prawns and baby oyster with Shacha sauce was so good! The glutinous rice cake made of Glutinous Rice flour, Potato Starch and Corn Starch were fluffy and gluy. The prawns and baby oyster add in additional texture to this dish. The Shacha which is made from soybean oil, garlic, shallots, chillies, brill fish and dried shrimp has a savoury and slightly spicy taste. It’s similar to carrot cake but definitely a more savoury and addictive one.

 photo 8_zps0d3876c0.jpg

Double-boiled Sesame Dumpling served with Ginger and Candy Sheet Broth

The dessert of the night is sesame Glutinous Rice ball and ginger potatoes in ginger soup. The earthy and heartwarming spicy soup warms up the body in the cold weather. My first time trying ginger potatoes, it looks pretty much similar to Huai Shan and is good for our stomach, lungs and liver.

There’s two Chinese New Year set menu for your liking or you may order from the A La Carte Menu. My personal recommendation will be Steamed Jade Fish, Braised Pig Trotters and Fried Glutinous Rice Cake, now my stomach rumbling again for these dishes! These Chinese New Year dishes will be available from 19th January until 5th March 2015.

Pak Loh Chiu Chow is open daily from 12 noon to 11pm. You may contact at +603-27823856 and diningconcierge@ytlland.com for reservation.

Party of The Century at Empire City, Damansara

The glorious 1920’s themed Party of the Century was held at Empire City last Friday!

 photo 1_zps004513fd.jpg

I would say that Party of the Century has set a high standards for 2015, it definitely has live up to its name! Empire City has included its designed elements into the Party, making it a wow-ing one.

 photo 3_zpsd4947344.jpg

A fabulous event must be accompanied by fabulous people and friends, photo with my blogger friend Fish.

 photo 5_zps6bf4a4bd.jpg

I must say that I’m totally fascinated about this new township. 6,000 guests and international hot stars from local and abroad are invited to the soft launch of Empire City.

 photo 4_zpsf907dba2.jpg

The party venue was really grand with its finishing and set up, I totally adore this place!

 photo 7_zps83c44e42.jpg

As I have mentioned in the earlier post, there are numerous artist attended the party too! I’m really happy to able to meet Sharon Chan in real person. Always a fan of her truly but unfortunately unable to take a photo with her.

 photo 6_zps54f65f88.jpg

Along Sharon was the rising TVB start Him Law, I’m sure the girls go crazy to meet him in person. He is really friendly in person.

 photo 8_zps2de898f3.jpg

One of the star of the night would be the appearance of Paris Hilton! Cantiknya her!

 photo 9_zps9b044589.jpg

The opening of the Party of the Century was done by the Korean Boy Band, 2 AM!

 photo 10_zpsbc6818bc.jpg

Followed up by drum performance!

 photo 12_zpsdb67350b.jpg

Next up was Mark Vincent, the winner of Australia’s Got Talent 2009. He sang “You Raise Me Up” and it’s really good, I mean GOOD.

 photo 11_zps8c998831.jpg

 photo 13_zpsbe538faa.jpg

The last but not least, managed to get a photo with Him Law!

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The Party Of The Century by Empire City, Damansara Perdana

Two days down the road is The Party of The Century hold by Empire City, I’m really excited for it!

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A little brief on the organizer, Empire City is a 30-acre mixed use development in Damansara Perdana, is another milestone in the Mammoth Empire Group’s journey to push the envelope on innovation and retail masterpieces.

The 2.5 million square feet of net lettable retail area, 8 corporate towers and office suites, 3 international 5+ star and 5 star hotels and a cinema themed hotel are built around the 5 pillars that are at the core of Empire City; Design, Art, Music, Performance and Culture.

 photo 10653867_10152508346226671_191585523978550337_n1_zpsa306bccf.jpg

Glad enough to be one of the invited guest for the night to party with the VIP and Celebrities.

 photo 10898178_10152505619111671_7889502720042858772_n_zpseb512b26.jpg

Living up to the name of Party of The Century, Empire City brought the concepts of the development concepts with pillars to life will be an array of performers and artists, ranging from the renowned Korean group, 2AM, to flamboyant speed painters, as well as the traditional with a twist in the form of an LED dragon dance.

 photo Taboo_zpsd656d47a.jpg

In addition, special performances from Paris Hilton, Taboo of the Black Eye Peas, and Australian tenor, Mark Vincent, will enhance the international atmosphere created by the honoured guests and business owners flying in from across the globe.

 photo 14301_10152509969011671_2031748810630885437_n_zps253251bc.jpg

Him Law (羅仲謙) is one of the honour guest for the night too, guess the ladies will melt under his smile LOL.

 photo 62655_10152508374901671_2724653334075703262_n_zpsfc9822db.jpg

The theme for the night will be 1920’s, expect elegant dressing from the VIPs, Celebrities and me too! haha!

 photo 10885219_10152510997951671_4646143331117182109_n_zpsc9810477.jpg

One of my favourite TVB actress Sharon Chan (陈敏芝) is on the list too, can’t wait to meet the pretty her in person!

 photo alan-ke-you-lun_1656404_zps6189e147.jpg

There will be artists coming from Taiwan such as Lin Fan, Ke You Lun etc!

 photo 10922687_10152508345746671_8727864415679871547_n_zps66963c07.jpg

See you there at THE PARTY OF THE CENTURY!

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